Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Garden Party Trend

For those of you who don't know looking like your going to a casual outdoor party/event is and up and coming trend for spring. Flipping the pages through magazines you can see so many celebs sporting this girly look. I must say that I love this look and bought a few pieces to go with this trend. There are a lot of floral patterns which is a re-occuring trend and I really think it will always be for spring. I really like the whole outfit in this picture above and its something I would definitely wear I would just wear a shoe that is a bit more rocker-chic to give the outfit some drama- also growing and few inches taller would not be so bad either. 

its definitely a cute trend and this is why I love to spring into spring!
The hairstyles are also really elegant and soft it's mostly all about the loose waves or soft straight hair personally I like the look of the romantic soft waves that is easy to achieve with a flat iron or a clip-less curler.

One thing I have to say is that I am absolutely loving the vintage feel of jewellery! It is my favourite kind of jewellery to purchase and today I was browsing at Aldo Accessories and wow their collection is very pretty. I purchase a pair of oversized studs with faux diamonds all over it and i bought a snake ring it winds up around your finger and it is almost a gunmetal colour it adds enough edge to a girly outfit.

A celebrity I always grab fashion inspiration from is Jessica Alba. She is always up to date with the trends and can pull anything off with grace. I am loving how she always makes getting ready look so effortless. Definitely a celeb to grab fashion tips from!

So what is your take on the Garden Party Trend? Let me know the Good, Bad and Ugly down in the comments.

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