Saturday, April 2, 2011

Off the Runway

Hello pretty people! Yes I always come and go - this is an abandoned blog that I forget about and then remember to put back up. Now lets get into the good stuff that you all want to read about!

My shoe fetish has become crazy because I work at a shoe store and it's not just any shoe store its the best shoe store in Canada possibly. They carry their brand and designer brands and constantly bring in new shoes. What more could a shoe addict want? As I stand at the cash desk checking sizes, making sure the shoes in the box are one right and one left I look at all the pretty shoes the women are buying which sends a impulse through me to grab my credit card and make a purchase which I have done several times. But I realized I need to stop so I am going on a shoe diet till May. I will update to let you guys know if I survive this diet or crash.

Anyways the latest shoe is the "Wedge", you cannot go anywhere or any shoe store without spotting these bad boys. I grabbed a Stuart Weitzman wedge the one the Jennifer Aniston herself wears I have them in the beige which is a creamy colour and it goes great with my skin tone.

The Sky is definatly the limit with the up and coming shoes another big shoe on the rise are platformed stilettos. These are also another pair of Stuart Weitzman's I recently purchased but the ones I purchased are all turquoise, I must say they are nice and comfy and pretty easy to walk in my plan is to wear these to prom all I need to do is find the dress. Its definatly a shoe to dress up or dress down. By dressing down i plan on wearing a nice skinny jean with a flowy top and some simple jewellery pieces.

I hope you all liked this blog about shoes check out tomorrows blog about the Garden Party Trend.

Let me know your fave shoes for this season in the comments!


  1. Hey, I just subbed to you recently, and you've prob mentioned this in an earlier video, but where do you work? And what discounts do you get? I would die to work at Aldo, omg!

  2. Hey gorgeous!
    I love watching your youtube videos! It's so nice to see my fellow Canadian girls steppin' it up haha!

    Come check out my blog! I'd love your feedback :)